Audigame Compilation

Audigame Compilation

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Audigame Compilation

Audigame Compilation

" Role Playing "
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Audigame is a compilation of audio games where you are the hero. So are audio dramas, played by actors with sound effects, offering you a choice every 30 seconds on average.
You mark out your own destiny immutable or you will discover all the possible endings?
12 adventures of all genres (horror, historical, adventure, mystery ...) are grouped here, but finishing them all, you can unlock the 13th bonus adventure
--cross of War-- WAR
Writer: Vincent Bachelet
Sound designer Benjamin Darier
Actors: Allan Foucher, Pierre Lacombe Damien Hartmann Francois Denoyers, Lawrence White, Robin Buchholz
--Dernière Terre-- ZOMBIE
Writer: Pierre Lacombe
Sound designer: Cecilia Beaujoin
Actors: Damien Hartmann, Lou Viguier, Frederic Courraud, Lawrence White
--Dur to Cuire-- ACTION
Writer: Gabriel Feraud
Sound Designer: Victor Aubert
Actors: Franck Heinault Damien Hartmann, Martin Jules Frederic Courraud, White Laurent David Coudyser
--The Route Sang-- HORROR
Writer: Vincent Bachelet
Sound designer Benjamin Darier
Actors: Damien Hartmann, Allan Foucher, Estelle Darazi David Coudyser
--The Kingdoms FANTASY Dashan--
Writer: Gabriel Feraud, from his novels The beads Allaya and Princes of Ashora.
Sound designer Benjamin Darier
Actors: Arnaud Le Ridant Frederick Courraud Damien Hartmann, Camille Lamache, Lawrence White
--The Sherlock Tales-- SURVEY
Writer: Gabriel Feraud
Sound Designer: Victor Aubert
Actors: Camille Lamache Frederick Courraud Damien Hartmann, Lawrence White, Gabriel Feraud, Victor Barthelemy
--Nafnaf and caliber 12-- CONTE
Writer: Jean-Baptiste Jeannot
Sound Designer: Jean-Baptiste Jeannot
Actors: Jean-Baptiste Jeannot
--silent Kill-- ACTION
Writer: Vincent Bachelet
Sound designer Benjamin Darier
Actors: Tercelin Kirtley, Ann Christine
--S.A.R.A .-- HUMOR
Writer: Pierre Lacombe
Sound designer Benjamin Darier
Actors: Ann Christine
--Nightfall-- FANTASY
Writer: Vincent Bachelet and Benjamin Rochfeld, according to the book which you are the hero Aragorn, Yaztromo the author of Gold in 2012.
Sound designer Benjamin Darier
Actors: David Coudyser, Lawrence White, Camille Lamache
--Voyage at the Terre-- ADVENTURE Center
Writer: Pierre Lacombe and Gabriel Feraud, from their novel The Secret Voyage Jules Verne
Sound Designer: Nicolas Hugues
Stars: Pierre Lacombe, Lou Viguier, Clement River, Lawrence White
--McCoy & Guerrero-- SURVEY
Writer: Clement River
Sound designer Frédéric Delort
Actors: François Denoyers Blanche Laurent, Pierre Lacombe, Clement River, Renaud Cathelineau
--Bastille-- HISTORY (bonus)
Writer: Pierre Lacombe
Sound designer Benjamin Darier
Actors: Damien Hartmann, Marc Duquenoy, Pierre Lacombe, Arnaud Le Ridant
This compilation of "interactive news" was created to show all the extended possibilities of interactive scripting and audio fiction. You will find at the end of each game the synopsis imagined to their suite. If you want to support us and help us with further the project, please contact us
These adventures are played for several years in particular by many visually impaired youth playable thanks to the magic of sound and imagination :)
Audigame is an application developed by Pierre Lacombe, without coding, thanks to Celestory Creator, the interactive scenario software to download on


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