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9game proivdes you with a exciting racing game called Hill Climb Racing, and a link where you can download it officially. It's time to give you some tips which can help you play this game. If you a looking for more action game, please click here

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Do you play Hill Climb Racing and it is difficult? Read Hill Climb Racing hints and cheats below and try again.


Gameplay Hints

  1. There are actually a few items you can spend your money on while in the game: vehicle upgrade, new landscapes and new cars.

  2. In most cases, it’s better not holding the throttle down when you are at full speed.

  3. Grab the red fuel container which from time to time show up on the highway simply because as soon as you are out of fuel your high score attempt will end.

  4. Accomplish tricks for more coins, those rewards are fulled at the end of each and every run.

  5. Push your gas softly to just about clear steep climbs to ensure that your vehicle will settle gently in to the descent.

  6. Don’t go down of the bridge very fast. Start making breaks very far away of the bridge to prevent possible crash at the end of the bridge.

Find Hidden Level
If u go very high on the moon level, than you can unlock a new level which is the space level and you will be driving on lava.

Get More Money
When you get to where you upgrade your stuff you spend all your money then you get on the forest one and use the dirt bike and you will get 100000 money.

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