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Tips To Rule At Subway Surfers

(Editor:Nemo 6/13/2015)

9game proivdes you with a hoi and funny game called Subway Surfers, and a link where you can download it officially. It's time to share some tips which can help you get a higher score in this game. If you a looking for more similar games, please click here

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Use move combos

There are a few really userful move combinations that could make all the difference when the game gets faster, more crowded and just more challenging in general. These special moves will help you attain more coins or cancel jumps when flying head-first into a train.

  • Jump + right or jump + right + right to dash to the right in mid-air

  • Roll + Jump = Cancels your Roll then instantly goes into a Jump

  • Jump + Roll = Cancels your Jump then instantly goes into a Roll

  • Jump + left or jump + left + left to dash to the left in mid-air


As a last resort to avoid dying, use a hoverboard at the last possible moment when you think you are going to run into something: double tab and activate the hoverboard to save your life.

These futuristic skateboards will also keep the game interesting. There are many different kinds. Usually most will only last 30 seconds before disappearing. However, there are some that are permanent, but require a certain amount of coins to get. Often they are limited editions that have already expired. To be able to get your hands on these, you can change the time and date on your smartphone. Once you get the hoverboard you want, change the time back to normal.

That being said, I wouldn’t invest any real money in hoverboards, try on concentrating on power ups as these will really help you progress in the game. Hoverboards, as mentioned above, are great for last minute use in order to defy death (and starting all over again). Keep these for the later stages in the game where things start getting a little hairy.

Stay high

Just think of it like that lava game you played as a kid where you couldn’t touch the floor: the best strategy when playing Subway Surfers to get as far as you can is to stay on top of trains and use power ups that make you fly. Do this as much as possible, it’s much safer than staying on the ground. And if you use the coin magnet, you can attract coins that are both on the trains and the ground without risking your life.

Get more coins

Do anything to get more coins. So that involves watching the videos, doing daily missions and anything else to earn the shiny treasure. Daily challenges are completed by collecting all of the letters for a given word that can be found along the tracks. Make sure you are connected to the internet, otherwise you won’t get the new daily challenge. If you do these missions for five days straight, you’ll be presented with a super mystery box.

You can also share Subway Surfers with your friends on Facebook to collect 5000 coins. Completing mission sets will also help increase your Multipliers. If you thought x2 was great, well in Subway Surfers you can up it to x30, which means real big bucks.

Be powerup savvy

Knowing which powerups to use and when to use them is key for success in this game. The main power ups are jetpacks (fly and dodge obstacles), super sneakers (run fast), coin magnets (collect coins around you) and 2x Multipliers (doubles your score). In the first half of the game, it’s advisable to use magnets and jetpacks the most, in order to gain coins to buy new items and to get as far along as possible, hassle-free. When you are getting to be better and are further along in the game, try using the 2x Multiplier and super sneakers. Obviously upgrading all of these powerups will make you run faster, jump higher and win more. Also, it’s worth pointing out that super sneakers take some getting used to, so it’s recommended to try to master the jump and roll combo which will cancel your jump and make you roll to avoid crashes.

Since reading article above, why not to download the game on 9game and enjoy it?

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