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(Editor:Abbey 7/20/2015)

Hill Climb Racing is a simple car game and you have to collect coins by driving on the hill, by using the coins you can purchase car or upgrade it, this game is somewhat related to previous version of Car game. The populararity odf it compelled many players to seek more tips for the game. Now I am gonna share some tips with you. Hop these can help you in some way. If you don't play Hill Climb Racing, you can download them on 9game.

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Hill climb game tips and tricks

Complete hill climb game level easily.
You can complete hill climb game by setting up your mind like break do stoppie and gas do whilee, if you set this clearly you can avoid driver dead. You can concentrate more on coins instead of flip and air time, you can perform flip and air time casually by upgrading your car. If you keep all this in your mind you can easily unlock all the features of game within one day.

Get Cheat codes for Hill Climb Racing game
Not really, at present there is no cheat codes available for this game. There is no use of cheat codes for this game. Just enjoy driving.

Do a neck flip on hill climb game
Yes, you can do a neck flip by upgrading your car by using coin. It is possible that you may attempt neck flip while you are driving fast accidentally. Most of the neck flip make driver down, it is easy to do a neck flip by applying brake instead of applying boost. To do a easy neck flip just apply break / stoppie while moving down to the hill with full speed.

Available on 9game, you download Hill Climb Racing and apply my tips into it.

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