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Hill Climb Racing Update: New levels introduced

(Editor:Aditya Worah 8/5/2014)

9game: here is an introduction to new level in Hill Climb Racing.
With the ever-increasing numbers of Android phones and the users of android phones, there is bound to be a rapid increase in the number of applications and games in the play store.
Hill Climb Racing Update New levels introduced

There are a multitude of games being launched every day, but then there are some names that remain on the top spots. And one of these games which have managed to dominate one of the top spots ever since it was introduced for the android devices has been Fingersoft’s ‘Hill Climb Racing’.

Hill Climb Racing has been a game which has been found on the top 20 in the list of games since its debut, more often than not in the top 10.


There is one thing noticeable about all the games which have managed to maintain their top positions is that they all have been based on simple principles which do not involve complex controls. Most of them, (including Hill Climb Racing) hardly involve any other controls apart from simple touches on the screen.

Hill Climb Racing has remained a timeless game, with minor updates coming out every now and then. The last few updates have been quite interesting, with the release of many new vehicles coming out, as well as with the release of new levels, the game keeps on innovating itself bit by bit. The last few updates have seen the introduction of a few new vehicles and some new levels as well.

Introduction of Ambulance, Big Finger and Hippie Van have come out as a popular move towards the introduction of new vehicles. There also have been new levels introduced, which are the rainbow, construction and junkyard. There are also bug fixes with every new update.


Fingersoft has proved that the best of games come with the simplest of controls and the least of updates. It is all about innovating in the small things that eventually become a part of the larger picture. With these, fingersoft has managed not only to retain and entertain their old fans, but have also managed to capture a new audience.

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