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9game: Not to be confused with Level.This category shows the availiable stages in Hill Climb Racing. Levels (main article: level) in the stages are checkpoints in the stage. When you pass the current checkpoint, you pass a level, which gives you bonus coins, which are generally several thousand coins, and the bonus increases for every new level. You also can keep track of your highest distance you went and how close you got to beating a level in the stage.


Stage selection screen

In stages, you use vehicles to drive through the stage to progress as far as possible. Although stages don't actually end and are infinitely long, there is a theoretical end to the stage when there's a hill that is too steep to climb, or a gas canister that's simply too far away.

Generally speaking, the stages get more complex as the price goes up. Countryside is generally considered the most "balanced" stage, being that it doesn't have any gimmicks.

As of now, there are 18 stages unlockable. All stages (except Countryside and Xmas)  require coins to unlock. 

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